Dr. Aria Eshraghi Ph.D.

Aria received his bachelors degree from University of California, Berkeley while performing his honors research project in the laboratory of Bruce Ames.  He earned his doctorate with Kenneth Bradley at University of California, Los Angeles, where he studied the binding and intracellular trafficking of bacterial toxins.  After completing his dissertation, Aria was a post-doctoral fellow in Joseph Mougous' laboratory at University of Washington, where he identified the effectors of a unique secretion system that is required for pathogenicity of highly virulent Francisella.  Aria established his independent research program at University of Florida in 2019.

Austin Sheppe Ph.D.

Austin received his bachelors degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Central Florida in 2015. He later earned his doctorate with Dr. Mariola Edelman at the University of Florida where he studied the role of host derived bioactive lipids as part of the innate immune response against Gram-negative bacterial pathogens. His career interests include host-pathogen interactions and developing novel host directed therapies for bacterial infection and related diseases.

Danielle Hulvey M.S.

Danielle received her bachelors degree from Eastern Michigan University while performing research in herpetology with Katherine Greenwald and competing in NCAA Division I springboard diving. She received her Master of Health Science at University of Florida and is interested in pathogenesis and host response to infections.

Samantha Wong-cut out.jpg
Samantha Wong

Samantha is an undergraduate biology major at the University of Florida. Her interest in microbiology has led her to pursue a minor in pathogenesis, which she has applied to interesting research questions in the lab.  The critical thinking skills she has developed in the lab will make her an outstanding diagnostician in a future career in medicine.

Isabelle Llabona.jpg
Isabelle Llabona

Isabelle is an undergraduate health sciences major at the University of Florida. Minoring in public health, she has a passion for every aspect of medicine, including  the scientific basis of infection and humanitarian efforts to rid the world of life-altering diseases. Isabelle is gaining skills in infectious diseases research to apply to her future career as a healthcare provider.


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