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191212 IBC Approval.png

We have obtained institutional biosafety committee approval to start BSL-2+ experiments.


191115 Me and Charles.png

With the help of our biological scientist, Charles Yowell, we have procured most of the equipment necessary to initiate bacterial genetics experiments!  Thank you Charles!!


The lab is open for business!  Aria has arrived at UF and it working diligently to: 1) procure the required equipment for molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology operations, 2) obtain regulatory approval to work with BSL2+ pathogens, and 3) assemble an enthusiastic team to drive the projects forward.


FumeHood Removal_1.jpg

Lab renovations in V2-211 (VAB) are underway to optimize the space for the Eshraghi Lab's future research program.  A biological safety cabinet and hood are being decontaminated, removed and replaced with lab benches.



Aria has accepted a faculty position in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology at University of Florida.  With an ideal set of collaborators and resources, the department and it's associated institutes are a perfect fit for the Eshraghi Lab's vision to characterize fundamental cell biology mechanisms that support bacterial pathogenesis.  Initial experiments will focus on how secreted bacterial effector proteins promote pathogenesis.

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